Who’s the king of Blogging Platform?

So you’ve decided that you want to blog, let’s say One day you woke up and tell yourself, “Yeah, I am ready to blog, but which is which? Where do I start”?

Who’s the king?
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A lot of Blogging platforms are widely used nowadays; each of it offers different features that will suit you and the way you want to express yourself. So how about, looking for below details to help you decide what Blogging platform you are going to use.

But… again before that let me tell you that there are two types of having a blog.

First is by obtaining your own blog. Yes. What I mean is by creating your own website, owning your own domain name, having a web host and all that. It will definitely require you the skill of first developing your own web page and it can also cost you some money for your website domain. If you are familiar with WordPress, it can make your work a little lighter, since you can download the latest version of WordPress, install it and install the plugins that you needed for your blog. After which you can use to find and buy your own domain name at Go daddy.com and find a web hosting services as well. To understand more about Web Hosting and Domain names please go please check http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.com/web-hosting-knowledge/what-is-the-difference-between-a-domain-and-web-hosting/ Web Hostings Secret Revealed.Com.

After completing these steps you can upload your website through an application called FileZilla and you can now have your own blog site. You can customize it with all the features you want to embed.

Second is by using free blogging platforms like Bloggers, posterous, Tumblr, Xanga, My journal and of course WordPress. The good thing about these blogging platforms is that they are free to use however they have limited features. When I say limited features, it does only mean limited in storage, themes, and widgets and of course you won’t be able to have your own domain.

Sounds Good?

You bet.

So let’s come to the point considering you choose the second option and you will be using free blogs. Which is which? Let me break these down to help you decide on which blogging platform are you going to sign up.

WordPress. Since I started blogging year 2010, I have been using WordPress. Personally, I am more comfortable blogging with WordPress rather than other blogging platforms because I find it user friendly and more elegant. But that is my personal opinion.

With WordPress, you’ll get to have a sample.wordpress.com web address upon sign up.

You can choose from the free templates/ themes which you can customize after. If you opt to have more access to customize your blog or maybe you want to own your domain name, you can try to avail their premium upgrade. (Honestly that is my aim for the next one year of Bloggers Niche, to have my own domain). What I love at WordPress too is that they have a Publicize feature which will make it easy for a blogger to post and promote its post on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. For more details, you can visit the WordPress site at http://www.wordpress.com

Bloggers. With Bloggers you can have a sample.blogspot.com domain. One of the best things about Blogger is that they are powered by Google so it’s a sure shot that your blog is searchable in Google. Another wonderful feature in Bloggers is that they have tons and tons of widgets which you can integrate with your blog and making Money through blogging will be easy as you can easily integrate Google Adsense into your site. However what I hate about Blogger is customizing the design of your blog page and the comment section which does not appeal good to me because it is not well set up.Please check out http://www.blogger.com.

Tumblr. Tumblr is a micro blogging tool which is also widely used by bloggers today. Mostly the tumblr blogging content deals with Pictures, quotes, links and Videos. You can also choose and customized your themes and before I forgot your site address will actually look like sample.tumblr.com. I consider tumblr as not a blogger corner but something like an artist hub. Try and check it here, http://tumblr.com.

 Xanga. I haven’t blogged using Xanga but I often hear this blogging platform too. Owned by xanga.com based in New York, Xanga’s core features is for photo, video and audio blogging. It has also the ability to create your own profile and catch up with your friend by a chatboard which other blogging platforms don’t have. You can also upgrade for their premium subscription which can give you a more storage space and customization in your blog site. To visit the page click here http://xanga.com.

And our list could go on and on and the question you might want to ask me right now is, “So which is the king of Blogging Platform?”, my answer is it is up to you. I strongly suggest you go either by Word press and Bloggers, but in the end it will be you who will decide. Ponder on this:

  •  How comfortable are you with the blogging platform?
  • How easy do you find things in your chosen blogging platform?
  • Do the features of your chosen blogging platform suit you and your readers?

Did I miss something? If there are still blogging platforms that you think is better to use, I strongly encourage you to post it here and we will definitely check it. Get the list going. Hit the comment button. 🙂


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