Easy steps for making your readers stay on your blog REPLAY

Yesterday, I had a chance to chit chat with my fellow blogger from California.

Here is our conversation:

Sheladyquinto: Howdy buddy?
Theeagerblogger: im good, how bout you?
Sheladyquinto:I’m good as well, working on a new blog.
Theeagerblogger: that’s good? How about she writes?
Sheladyquinto:It is still running, this is a different one, not something too personal
Sheladyquinto:check the site idiot and tell me https://thebloggersniche.wordpress.com
Theeagerblogger:sounds compelling project, nice header. It’s quite a risk though.
Sheladyquinto:I know, I have to work hard for it
Theeagerblogger: patience 
Sheladyquinto: agree I need to post fresh contents
Theeagerblogger: yeah, you better check google on how to promote your blog and make your readers stay.

My conversation with eagerblogger left me an open ended question that I have been thinking about until I am off my bed.

How will I actually make my readers stay and stick with me all throughout?

For someone like me who started as a personal blogger what I am pursuing right now is like being a fish out of water. I have to take note that I am not writing my biography neither writing a diary of my day to day experiences anymore. I need to write with a mix of formal and informal/ fact and fun/ light and heavy articles which I am having fun doing right now but still the thought of making this site a Boom is what bothers me.

So as I was on my bed thinking about these things I started to wonder how can I make my bloggers hitch with my blog?

Right away, I ask Google for answers regarding my questions and wrap it all here in this post. 

Content is still the King.
Above all, this is the most important. The way a blogger writes his contents are the decision key if his site visitors will stay or leave his page. If a reader finds the site useful, informative, creative and fun to read more likely he will keep coming back checking you out.

Be organized when it comes to your content, make it readable, avoid unnecessary errors and make sure to tweak your reader’s mind with your contents.

No to bad design.
While most bloggers want to relate their blog pages based on their personalities I think it is right to learn and browse some interesting articles about designing your blog for the first time.

Freedom of expression is allowed in the world of the blogosphere but I am pretty sure you don’t want to sore your visitor’s eyes with contrasting colors, hard to catch moving cursors and stuffy blog site.
Try to complement your web page colors, use light colors for the background and dark ones for your text or the reverse, properly arrange your widgets and see to it that your menus and submenus are well structured.

Do unto others what you want others do unto you.
The most interesting of all.
I am pretty sure that 80% out of 100 bloggers want to have interaction on their blogs.
Don’t you want to?

Comments, likes, follow; share buttons anything and everything that drives connection with their blog. When I got my first like and follow button here at Bloggers niche by Russell Deasley (please check out his blog at http://theverybesttop10.com) I was super motivated to continue. I think it was the trigger that I was looking forward to pursue this blog.

So hook up with other bloggers, connect with them, interact with them and surely they will do the same.

Be passionate about what you do.

Let me just share a tip coming from your dear blogger, this one is a bonus, it is not the usual thing that you read on other posts like this. I say be passionate about what you do.
Because when you have the passion and love for what you do, everything will become easy, light and natural. Yes, try and see it. You will not be having any hard time convincing your visitors to stay because the best is produced with your passion and love for your craft. 

Going back to my conversation with eagerblogger

Sheladyquinto:hey buddy, check out my post later. I think I figured my way out to keep my site visitors to stay, read it and tell me what you think about it. 

How about you what do you think?


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