Three websites which can help you Design, Promote and Earn money online through you Blog

If you are new to blogging maybe one of your first moves is to scan the internet on how to effectively begin your blog.

Who doesn’t?

Especially bloggers who are starting out with limited technical knowledge or expertise.

The search could be so long. Some articles are broad and some are in depth. Some offer you a good source and some just simply don’t.

A few months ago, I had been in the same disaster. I run on so many websites and blogs which could make my blog a not-so-newbie one.

Some are really helpful that I think these sites deserve to be credited.

Let’s get the list rolling.


Website # 1

While I was going through my search I found fabulous blogging very interesting and useful. I love the catchy header too.

“A blog site dedicated to bloggers who want real, plain, simple blogging advice. This isn’t TechCrunch or Coding craziness. It is for people who love to write, but get stuck on the technical side. It is hopefully a place to get inspired, find some support, and learn a few things along the way”.

Source: at

If you are going to tour on their blog site you will definitely find useful tips on how to improve your blog. It is anything and everything in the blogging world, topics range from gaining traffic, plugins, promoting your site, etc.

Fabulous blogging could really give you better insights in developing and promoting your blog site.


website # 2

Founded by Corbett Barr Thinktraffic is a website which offers interesting and proven facts on how to “drive traffic” on your website.

We don’t blog only for ourselves right? So after creating our blog site/ website what we aim to do next is to draw more site viewers to generate site traffic.

This is what thinktraffic wants to do, teaching bloggers on how to grow their audience and earn more. And that doesn’t only end there- they also teach you to build something that really matters, to you, to your visitors and maybe even to the world.

Visit thinktraffic @


website # 3

If you are looking for a website to help you:

• Start a Blog
• Making Your Existing Blog ULTRA Successful
• Making Money Online

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Blog Success Journal offers tips and ideas on how to begin your blog, market it and make money out of it.

Check their website and see what they got.

There could still be plenty of blog sites to recommend here but I only enlisted three.

If you want to share some more, I do encourage you to hit the comment button and share it with us.


2 thoughts on “Three websites which can help you Design, Promote and Earn money online through you Blog

    • Howdy Pundit, Thanks for dropping by and most of all reblogging this post. It is my pleasure to add some tips on your blog. I guess I’ll be seeing you around to read the darks tips of blogging.

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