Third Nominee for Featured Blog of the Week: Travel Bloggers

Featured at Blogger's Niche

Featured at Blogger’s Niche

Nominated by: Bloggers Niche

It is not new to us that travel blogging is quite popular now in the blogosphere world.
Why not? It is a fun way of showcasing different places and countries to other people whom probably are planning or dreaming to be there.

Travel blogs of travelogue is a personal journal of a voyager. It might be a collection of photos or videos from the travelers trips. Travel blogs also contain information about a certain place, tips on what to do or any travel stories in the form of articles.

A Little Trivia:

The first travel blog posted on the internet is Jeff Greenwald’s journey around the world in 1993-1994.

For this week on Featured Blogger (Travel Blogger), I will be posting seven Travel Blogs that are surely interesting for you to check out.


You can also hit the comment page to suggest some travel blog sites which you think could be a nominee for our week’s theme, Travel Blogger.

Sounds nice eh?

Let’s get started and let our lists rolling:

Second Nominee: School Without Walls Madcap Adventures

School Without Wall

School Without Wall

-A teacher and his students off to see the universe-

I found this travel blog quite interesting, no not their trips, not the places they have been but it’s who they are which I find really catchy.

No they are not ordinary, they are not typical bloggers like us and this is what I wanted to know. In my interest of satisfying my curiosity about The School Without Walls, I googled those keywords and found out that the school without walls is actually a real school which was established in 1971 in Washington D.C.

No, this is not just a travel blog, but it is a travel blog with a purpose. The school without wall madcap adventures is a blog who involves high school students travelling around the world in search for knowledge and camaraderie with other students.

Their aim?

Is to develop methods of learning outside the traditional classroom.

The group had already travelled from countries like India (some places in Taj Mahal, to Delhi, and Agra, Seven Walls students, two teachers including parents who explored India way back 2012. They had also been to Germany and their recent and come back trip to England.

What makes their travel blog more realistic is how each of them (probably the students and teachers) wrote their experiences during their trips, shared their stories and how they felt during the actual trip. You can check this at “culture shock” tabs on their blog site.

It is something new to find a certain travel blog like The School Without Cap. Pretty interesting!

This group’s journey is surely inspiring. You gotta see it for yourself.

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